Orchard Pediatrics, PC

Orchard Pediatrics Credit Card on File Policy


We have implemented a policy requiring a credit card to be held on file if your insurance is subject to deductibles and coinsurance. At your next visit, we will ask for a credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover) to be swiped at the time you check in, and the information will be held securely by Instamed. As you may be aware, some insurance plans require these amounts as your portion of the fees, and are not known to you or us at the time of your visit. 


When your insurances have paid their portion and notified us of the amount of your share, you will receive a statement which will indicate the amount due.  10 days later, any remaining balance owed by you that has not been paid will be charged to your credit card. A copy of the charge will be mailed to you upon request. 


This will make your checkout in the office easier, faster, and more efficient. It will also make it easier for you to pay your copay when your child is seen in the office without you.  This in no way compromises your ability to dispute a charge, or question your insurance company’s determination of payment.


Compliance & Security 

InstaMed is HIPAA compliant, independently certified and audited at the highest levels for  healthcare payment processing. InstaMed’s management team brings decades of experience in the healthcare and payment processing industries.  You will soon be able to pay your Orchard Pediatrics bills online via their payment portal.


What about identity theft and privacy? 

Under HIPAA, we are under strict rules and guidelines in terms of protecting patient privacy, and the credit card is considered protected health information. Because of HIPAA rules, our medical office is far more secure than most retail establishments as it relates to identity theft. 


I’ve never had to do this before at any other doctor’s office. This may be a departure from what you have been used to, but it is not uncommon in many medical practices, imaging centers, and outpatient surgical centers.


I don’t have a credit card. 

You are welcome to leave a debit, HSA (Health Savings Account) or Flex Plan card on file.  We also accept cash and checks in the office.


When do I have to pay for services? 

Any time you receive medical care, you are expected to pay in full for your services until your deductible is met.  Preventive care is often exempt from your deductible. See your insurance policy for details on what is considered preventive.  Copays are required at the time of your visit.  


How will I know when my deductible has been met? 

Call your insurance company at any time to check on how much of your deductible has been met; some insurance companies have this information available online. Every time you receive medical services, you will receive notification from your insurance company with how much they paid or did not pay. 


What if I have more questions? 

Our billing staff is happy to speak with you about your account at any time.